18 October 2007

What to wear...

There are so many options for what to wear in a special photograph. It can be overwhelming to choose, but there are some things to consider. What you wear will dramatically effect the look and mood of the pictures.

Simple, dark shirts allow the focus to be on the face. Dark colors are also slimming. One exception to the black/dark top rule is that it can depend upon your complexion. A very fair complexion with a very dark top can be too much of a contrast and dark skin tones with dark clothing can mean not enough contrast. One trick to keep in mind is that you can't go wrong if you wear a shirt that matches the color of your eyes. If you still don't know what color is right next to your face, think about the color people tell you look good in and go with that color. Ladies, pick jewelry that compliments the neckline of the shirt, but is not too bold in color. 

Also, a top that has interesting textures (e.g. a sweater or jacket) can also add depth and richness to an image. Avoid tops that have busy colors, stripes, and noisy patterns as these often do not reproduce well in the final photo.

Wear something that you feel comfortable wearing. Things that are too tight, low-cut, or constricting may not be flattering in a picture and the way you hold your body will be stiff and unnatural. Even little children will act different depending on what they are wearing. The children in the picture above are wearing similar t-shirts, denim, and bare feet and are casual and comfortable.

For families: The outfits should coordinate, but not necessarily match exactly. Choose a color palate and then find outfits that work well together. Matching bottoms, like dark blue jeans, and coordinating shirts work well in pictures. Keep in mind that not one person in the group should stand out by wearing something brighter or lighter than everyone else.

Everyone in this group shot is wearing either blue or brown with jeans. The look creates cohesion without being too matching.