My nephew, Josiah, came for a photo shoot today. He's 5 weeks old and so alert and cute. This shoot was all about him, so amid the chaos, I got a couple keepers. Josiah joins two lively brothers and Emma enjoyed playing with them while I took pictures. Mandy, well Mandy just rolled around in the grass, thankful, I would imagine, that she was not the subject of my over-active camera.

The great thing about tiny babies is that they just lay there. Then again, with a tiny baby, they really just lay there, so it is challenge to capture snuggly baby cuteness. When you lay the baby on the ground, their natural tendancy is to spread their arms and legs and flail around. That is not the look I was hoping for, so in the second shot, we used mom Kelly to hold Josiah up. This one looks like he is smiling.

I'll post a finished birth announcement soon. I enjoy doing photoshop birth announcements very much.