20 October 2008

The whole family

My cousin asked me to come out and take a picture of her extended family for a gift for her mom (I am quite sure her mom has no idea about me, the random photographer cousin-in-law or my blog, so I am safe posting these). It was a beautiful day and I took the pictures in a new place for me at a park in Sherwood.

I also took pictures of the individual families. It just makes sense when everyone is already there looking nice. 

The little guy in this family was less than thrilled with the family picture day. And who could blame him with a super cool play structure not 50 feet away? I told him that, to the best of my knowledge, no one had ever been physically harmed by smiling for the camera. My wit didn't work.

And here are my cousins. They could be models they are so attractive.  They were a joy to photograph on such a lovely day.