21 November 2008


I haven't done too many photo cards this season. I enjoy doing them immensely, but even I admit there are cheaper ways to do a photo card. Many of the online retailers have templates are that really nice and you can change the wording. Sure they aren't custom, but they are a good option. I include the copyrights for all the pictures I take, so uploading the pictures and making the photo card yourself is okay if I am your photographer.

My Christmas special for a family photo mini session is $30. Get a good picture of your family (and each member of your family) for use throughout the Christmas season and the year. Call me for details and to book a session time, 503-838-6134.

I did the card above with some pictures I took at different times for the boys' birthdays and a family outing. It is fun to put them together and have a card to give family and friends. If you want a custom look and don't mind paying a few dollars more, I am your girl! I charge $15 for photo card design, plus printing fees.