11 January 2009


My friend, Jenni recently emailed,

"Al, I just love your photography. You do such nice work. I wish I could think of an excuse for you to take pictures for me."

I wanted to try out some new techniques with my camera and auxiliary flash and needed a good (non-kid/baby) model. Jenni happily agreed and we had a great time yesterday in the frigid cold. The nice thing about winter photo shoots is that no one is around. We had the capitol to ourselves and even Willamette's beautiful campus.

Even though the weather was cold and pretty dark, I got some cool shots. Thanks, Jenni for being my highly paid model for the afternoon.

Beautiful Capitol Building in Salem.

Willamette University Campus.

* I am categorizing this session under Senior Portraits, even though Jenni is not in high school. These photos show some nice poses and different areas around the capitol.


Sherri said...

Really nice! I love the one with the Capitol in the background. And what you were able to do with her eyes in the shot on your other blog is amazing, I may eventually get back there to comment...