06 June 2009

Kellie's Family Pictures

I took pictures today for a friend and her family. Battling June sprinkles, we got quite a few really nice pictures of Kellie's family, along with her mom and brother.

All the pictures are taken at the Arboretum at the Park.

The little ones are 3 and 1 year old. They did really well considering the park is for PLAY, not for pictures. Mom, Kellie, is also a photographer, so they are really used to the camera by now.

This is such a typical grandma pose. I really love it! I love the expressions and the realness of the shot. Don't worry, this is just a sneak peak, there are a lot more good ones of the kids smiling too.

Kellie with her mom and brother. Family resemblance? For sure.

All in all it was a great day with great bright light, in spite of the threatening rain. I did this photography session on a trade. Kellie will be taking maternity photos of me soon as well as family pictures in the Fall. I am so excited we can help each other out.