16 September 2010

Young love | Monmouth, Oregon Photographer

I had the honor of photographing my grandmother's wedding to Bill. It was a beautiful ceremony at Harmony Springs Chapel at Black Lake Bible Camp.

When I photograph a wedding, I feel a profound obligation to capture the moments of the day. It's as though the subtleties of a couple's love and regard for one another are hidden among the business of a wedding. Yes, posed pictures are great for detailing who was there and how everything coordinated. But it is true emotions that are caught in a candid photo.

I'm certain that my grandma wouldn't appreciate her wedding photo being taken in front of a minivan, but I couldn't resist the beauty of the stolen moment.

It was a beautiful day brimming with love and new beginnings.


This is just a sneak peak of the candid shots. 
There are lots more posed ones that the family will be receiving soon.