20 November 2010

Family Portraits | Dallas, Oregon

Here is a sneak peak of a session I did today at the park. Weather is always tricky at this time of year. It makes me long for a studio, but until then, we get resourceful. 

There is a large gazebo at our local park with a fireplace. My husband helped me out today and built a fire and watched our little ones while I took pictures for 2 families. This location worked out great! 
I am so happy with the results.

This little sweaty didn't want to smile. It was Daddy to the rescue and I was so happy to capture some darling images of her (her mama will be happy too!).

This little guy behaved perfectly. Oh, he is such a cutie!

Thanks for coming out on a cold Saturday for pictures! 
I enjoyed our time together and know you'll have lots of pictures to choose from.



ED 421 Adventures said...

I'm loving them Alysun!!! THANK YOU so much!!! I can't wait to see the rest of them. :)

~Jessica Beasly