16 July 2011

Family Portraits | Monmouth, Oregon | Lifestyle Photography

Miss Olivia is a charmer!

We met a year ago (see this post for a reminder) and she was so shy --

not any more!

She dazzled my lens and I couldn't stop taking pictures of this sweetheart.

We were at Western Oregon University's beautiful campus and

the weather was sunny and warm.

Oh ya, and she brought her whole family too, 

mom and dad, grandma and grandpa.

Someone needs to tell these folks that family pictures are 

painful and not fun....

We had too much fun actually and I'm so thankful they asked me to take pictures once again.

I've been inspired and blessed by Olivia's mama, Jennifer, this year as she courageously faced 

one health struggle after another.

With a smile on her face, positive words, and praise to God, she met

the challenges head-on.

I am so impressed by this lady and 

absolutely thankful she is on the road to recovery!

Tennis shoes are all she can wear as her feet and legs recover, 

so I gave her a little Photoshop gift....

Leopard-print heals are totally necessary and completely comfortable when digitally applied!

You can see it too?!! This family is special.

What a great time!