29 October 2012

Family Pictures | Triplets | Monmouth, Oregon

My business is primarily to repeat customers these days. It is just the way it works out in my very part time-no advertising-busy with lots of other things-photography business.

I love seeing families year after year. Babies grow, toddlers are faster, big kids just get taller, smarter, and funnier. It is SO fun!

Quite often a year later means a new baby was added to the family. New life makes me all warm and fuzzy, it's amazing to see a growing family.

The B family had a pregnancy this year too, a pregnancy that produced a lot of life.....

spontaneous identical triplets!

This is one amazing family!

Meet Eli, Bradley, and Liam.

The whole session I felt like I was in the presence of celebrities. I mean really, triplet boys. They are just so, so precious. 

Eli, Bradley, and Liam joined big sister Sophia and brother Zachary. Really sweet kids who adore these new brothers. I love that Sophia can tell them all apart and that Zachary (2 years old) willingly held a baby... and picked at his belly button. 

Can you feel the love? I sure could.

The parents of this sensational clan are pretty amazing. I was staring at them like they were celebrities too. Wow, just wow. They handle these new responsibilities with grace and ease. I don't say that lightly, I was really, really impressed with the parenting duo.

Such sweetness in three individual little packages! It was a pleasure to meet Eli, Bradley, and Liam and to see the rest of the family too. I can't wait to see this family continue to grow up as the days and years go by.


PS My friend Jill was at the session with me and took lots of incredible images as well. I will be posting some later in the week. Neither of us could get enough!


Cathy said...

I can only imagine the joy you had!

Jessica said...

I am absolutely in LOVE with these!!! I am in awe of the talent you have been blessed with and so thankful to have you capture these moments for us. Thank you thank you thank you (and Jill, she was fabulous too)!!!