I am making an enlargement of this picture for the wall above my fireplace. All the pictures in my living room are black and white, but I can't resist the red accents.
Mandy loved riding in the wagon and this pictures is just one of about 30 that I look of them in the yard.

Mandy is 9 months old and explores everything on her chubby knees, with her fumbling hands, and by sticking anything and everything in her mouth. The following pictures are of Mandy trying to hard to get her hat off.

Ooh, that hat is a bother.

Ha, she got it!

And she shows the hat who is boss.

All done. Off to find the next adventure.


Grandma Sherri said...

Beautiful and of course I need all 30+ of them!!

Kara H said...

Hey Aly!
I love the third image! Is that work done in Photoshop? I am exploring some different programs (CS3 and lightroom)...what do you recommend? The only thing I have right now is I-photo on my Macbook.