10 July 2008

Miranda's Senior Pictures

Today marked my first custom photography session with a Senior. Until now, my pictures have been of babies and kids, and more kids, and some whole families. While those photos have their own set of challenges, I really, really enjoyed the afternoon with Miranda. She's a HS graduate just home with her parents from doing mission work in Nicaragua.

Miranda was a delight to photograph. She's a lovely girl and my job was easy. We were at Minto Brown Park in the hot afternoon sun. She had several different outfits and I tried to get lots of backdrops to suit her shy, sweet, yet adventurous personality. 

These photos are untouched, but I wanted to post some to give her and her eager mom, aunt, and grandma a glimpse of our session today. I'll be working on them a little before I give Miranda the final pictures (I took over 100). So, far the last one here is my favorite. Miranda hiked up the trail in her bare feet, almost falling in the water, and then I didn't even put her pretty bare feet in the picture! She was a great to work with.


Cathy said...

These are awesome, Aly! I think you have a great flair for the unexpected...very creative...making great photos!

Kelleigh Ratzlaff Designs said...

Good grief! You NEED to take my family pics. I'm talking to Mitch about this ASAP.