26 August 2008

Fields of Sunflowers

My neighbor plants sunflowers in his field every year. It is his signature and you can always tell his fields because of the beautiful flowers planted along the fence rows. The field closest to our house is really large and I love to take pictures there every year. This year the rainy weather caught me off guard and I rushed out this morning to take some pictures in the morning light before the flowers were gone.

One thing to remember when you are making a custom photography appointment is to try and schedule it around your children's happiest time of the day. I took these pictures at 8:30am and broke my own rule and paid for it. Both girls were really unhappy, but the baby especially who usually takes a nap at 8:30am. Even with their bad moods, I quickly took some shots. They turned out okay considering. The flowers are just beautiful.

If you have a little girl and want to have pictures with a sunflower backdrop, contact me right away at 503.838.6134. This beauty is fading and we probably have until the end of the weekend to enjoy it (Aug 31). It makes for lovely pictures.


Cathy said...

I remember seeing your sunflower field pictures from last year and loved them too. How can you NOT take pictures of these beautiful things...it's just not in me (like you) to pass something like that up!