01 October 2008


This little guy me a run for my money today, quite literally. He was serious from the start and I could tell this smart 3 year old knew what I wanted (a smile). The challenge was on and I had a lot of fun as I followed him, along with his mom, around the grandparent's vineyard. It was such a beautiful location and the perfect weather for a photo session.

Ooh, is that a smile?

Sometimes little boys just need love from mom. It wasn't the original plan for me to take pictures with mom too, but I couldn't resist these tender moments. Life passes to quickly and before long, hugs will be hard to come by from a growing boy. Moms need these things.

Oh, ya. I caught him. I love a challenge and thanks to a really enthusiastic mom, we got him smiling.

This one is just for fun. I captured quite a few profile and back shots, but those can be really sweet too.