29 June 2010

Children's portraits - Monmouth, Oregon

Best 2 year old ever!

I'm so glad that Olivia's mom brought her out to my neck of the woods so I could photograph her. What a charming little girl and fun family.

2 year olds are supposed to be difficult. But Olivia was perfect. 

Tons of sweet pictures to choose from....

And some nice ones of the whole family....

I live and learn.... Helmick Park might be empty during the week, but boy is there traffic on Sundays! We got out on the (narrow) bridge and then had to wait for car after car after car.

These guys were so patient. And I did get more pictures as we waited for rush hour to pass...

Helmick Park is a great location in other respects. Not only is it close to my house so I offer a discount, there are lots of places for nice pictures. It's out of the ordinary for sure.