21 June 2010

Wedding Photography | Sweet Home, Oregon

The details of the wedding I photographed this weekend were absolutely fun....

Other than over the phone, I had never met the bride and groom, Scott and Amanda,
before their big day.
So, I said hello and immediately jumped into taking pictures.

They made it easy with their easy-going personalities and fun ideas.

There was never a dull moment between these two and I could tell their love started
with a foundation of friendship....

A very good way to start forever together.

Traditional? Who needs it?
Amanda was a radiant and beautiful bride with her engaging personality
showing through every detail of the day.

The forecast said "showers" for the day. Enough to send most brides into a panic
specially for an outdoor wedding. But not Amanda.

She had a calm assurance about her because she said her dad told her
there would be blue skies for her wedding.

Amanda's dad recently passed away and it was a special moment
when the clouds cleared and the sun shined brightly during the ceremony.

Scott and Amanda exchanged their vows under blue skies.

I enjoyed capturing all the special moments of Scott and Amanda's wedding. 

A beautiful day from the rain to the sun.

And the silly to the serious....

and everything in between.