17 August 2010

Family Portraits | Monmouth, Oregon

While I was on vacation last week, I was able to do a quick session with some friends. They had 10 minutes, I had 10 minutes and everyone was smiling.

Their children are absolutely charming. I may be a bit partial because my kids are similar ages and I also have 2 girls and then a boy.... who is smothered in love.

I hear via Facebook that oldest sister Samantha is 5 years old today.

She is such a beauty.

And just like with my girls, little sister is such a beauty two. A free spirit and quite the charmer.

Baby brother pretended he couldn't smile for about 2 seconds. Everyone was laughing so hard because it was completely different than his always-smiling personality. He broke down and was once again quite the performer for the camera.

Sure am glad I was able to photograph this really fun family again this summer. Let's make it a tradition!