21 August 2010

Anniversary Photography | Dallas, Oregon

I takes pictures of kids. It's what I do. I can read their minds, track down smiles, and connive sweet poses. 

I have to work hard... and sometime even break a sweat. 

My own 3 kids have me highly trained. ;) 

I can't even call it "work" I love it so much.

But a break from the norm is always welcome. A client asked if I would take pictures of her parents who are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. I asked if they would run away from me and try to hide. 

This couple was absolutely delightful. I enjoyed their whole family and it was a joy to be able to capture them and hear a bit of their story.


PS Stay tuned! I had a photoshoot Friday, today (Saturday), and one tomorrow in Portland. Lots more previews to come.