29 October 2010

Baby Portrait - Monmouth, Oregon

This is my little guy, Remington. He turned 1 a few weeks ago and I still had not done portraits of him. Today was the day.

He is a joy to our family and an easy smiler. I have a bazzilion pictures of him, but no recent "posed" pictures. He is just starting to walk, so I thought inside pictures would be easiest (less ground to cover). 

In the middle of our session, Rem got a phone call he just had to take.

It always cracks us up when he does this. He jabbers away like he is saying something very important then he is on to something else (he's conservative with his minutes).

It was all over when he figured out how to climb off the chair. Then the chair was a walker and he pushed it around the room. I'm glad I got a few of my sweet boy. It's always a challenge, but worth every second.



Sherri said...

He is SOOOO!!!! Cute!!!!