05 November 2010

Children's Portraits | Dallas, OR

There are many things I love....

Sunny Autumn days.

Playing at the park.

Well mannered children.

Well mannered, sweet children.

Well mannered, sweet, and cute children.

Hanging out with a good friend.

All these wonderful things were combined on one perfect Wednesday:

When a friend of mine confessed she had no pictures of all her kids together, I readily agreed to do their portraits. 

Think taking pictures of 7 kids was hard? Nope, not at all. 
They were so awesome and I can't remember when I had so much fun.

Their mom and I talked about a fun way to display the pictures by using wood windows as frames. I've made old wood window frames into bulletin boards before and the projects come out rustic and cute. I think the picture frame idea is perfect. 

Our first thought was to do the photos in black and white (as pictured above). But then I saw the originals, full of beautiful fall colors, and I was charmed. I'm usually a black and white kind of girl, but these color images knocked my socks off. I put together a collage to show what the pictures would look like in the window frames using color pictures and paper or fabric for the empty panes. 

Beautiful kids, aren't they?

What do you think, should the pictures be printed in color or black and white (dark green walls and the window frames will be cream)? Leave a comment to help us decide.



Jill said...

These are so beautiful! I usually love the black and whites, but in this case I'm loving the color! What a fun way to display them :)

Dan & Hillary said...

In a magazine, I saw eight 8x10's framed individually with matching frames, displayed in a two-wide by four long pattern on the wall. I loved the idea:-) THis might work for the kiddos' pix. The colour one could be the Christmas photo to send out:-)

Sara said...

I like the colored ones. Great pics, Alysun! And great idea to display them!