05 October 2010

Children's Portraits | Salem, OR

I'm partial to my nephews.... all 8 of them.

My husband's and my families grew by leaps and bounds in 5 short years with 12 children born (including my 3). 
Yes, family gatherings are absolute chaos and we love every minute.

Each child is special and unique. I love them to pieces! 
Who knew a heart could hold so much love? 

Benton turned 6 yesterday and I loved taking his pictures at Mission Mill.

We had a slight miscommunication when Benton thought I was taking ONE, just one, picture of him.

Thankfully he dutifully sat for a few more.

Ben is the joke man. The reading man. Artist extraordinaire. 

He told me jokes.

What do you get when a bird goes in the blender? 

Shredded Tweet.