13 October 2010

Friends Play Group | Portrait Photography, Independence, Oregon

A special group of friends asked me to come along on a play date.

 It was a day like any other... well, the kids might have been a little neater and more coordinated than normal. But other than that, this group of friends has been getting together for ages. The ladies are friends, so naturally their kids are too.

Babies were born and added to the group.

And now one more milestone: 

a friend is moving away.....

David and Beka
(You remember them from this session)

A precious almost 3 year old.

Running, playing, laughing, talking...

Making memories, learning, growing....

And now moving.

(You remember Landon's 1 year old pictures here)

These women celebrate motherhood in style. 

I appreciate each one and am fortunate to call them friends.

Carissa, her husband, and their baby Landon departed later the same day on a big move to another state (far, far away from here). 

There was so much laughter and happiness in this group. They saved the tears for later.
True friendship knows the highs and the lows.

I am naming the photo above, "Please, don't look at the camera."

It takes some talent to ignore a persistent photographer, let alone 4 moms calling their attention, with one wielding a giant, blue, bouncing balloon.

I enjoyed this play group/photo shoot so much.

Thanks for inviting me along!