19 December 2010

Christmas Portraits | Monmouth, Oregon

I had the privilege of going up to Vancouver on Saturday (all by myself!) to see a longtime friend, her husband, and very importantly, her brand new baby boy. My friend lives in Nashville and was only in town to visit her parents for Christmas. It was such a treat to see her and the rest of the gang. Baby Jack is just the cutest little guy! Truly a sweetheart.

Family portraits were in order and it was great to see the whole family.

The cousins were quite taken with eachother. 

I got a good chuckle out of the location the family chose.... an old folks home (none of the family members lives there). 

Actually a brilliant idea with the nice, big, grandly appointed rooms. We had a lot of fun. A couple of the residents tried to take my camera away from me so I could get in the picture with them. "No, no, I'm not related to them, I'm a photographer. Really," I tried to explain. They just wanted to make sure we got a nice picture. "Such a lovely family....". I'm happy we got quite a few nice pictures of this lovely family (without me in them).

Isn't the collection of porcelain dogs on the mantle quite stunning?

I'm loving this photo above. The boys just chillin' out before another round of Bingo.

I enjoyed the retirement home, thanks for the invite. I loved the company even more! It is always wonderful to see dear friends at this time of year.

Merry Christmas!