19 March 2011

Senior Portraits | Monmouth, Oregon

My younger cousin is graduating.... 


Gulp. I feel old. Where does the time go? 

I babysat her and her sister and now they are all grown up. Lisa is now my kids' favorite babysitter!

I took some portraits of her today for her graduation announcements. We had such a good time, finding good backdrops around my place and the neighbor's, avoiding the glaring sun (not complaining!), and staying out of the wind.

So beautiful! Lisa is a delight to be with. 

I took her younger sister's highschool graduations photos this summer (click here for the link). 

I'm so blessed to have such lovely and fun cousins!

I couldn't decide between black and white or color in the above photos...

Thanks to my neighbors for letting us run around their property. Their pond and dock are great photo spots!

Blessings, Lisa, on your graduation! 

You've worked so hard and I can't believe four years flew by so fast! 

We love having you close.



Sherri said...

Very Nice!! I love the color. What pretty settings.