19 May 2011

Family Portraits | Monmouth, Oregon | Lifestyle Photography

My tag-line reads "on location custom portraiture."

This is a big moment for me, but...

I am going to change my tag.

I've been taking photos for people for about 4 years now. 

Families are incredibly special to me

and I love what I do. 

Capturing tenderness and love is a blessing to me as 

I hope it is for the families who take the pictures home 

and enjoy them in their homes.

The thing is, the word "portrait" implies a posed picture with everyone looking and smiling.

While I can usually capture that, I enjoy images like this just as much:

Instead of "portraiture," which no one can say or spell anyway,

my new tag-line will be,

"lifestyle photography."

Because life isn't about perfectly posed portraits....

It's curious and busy toddlers who hold still for 10 seconds (maybe).

It's the last day of vacation and rain for a scheduled photo session.

Life is a mommy terribly morning-sick, 

but grinning anyway because of her wonderful surprise.

Life is catching amazing people in a precious moment in time.

Life is 10 minutes of no rain.

Life is a happy toddler with keys to the world.

So, here is to "lifestyle" photography. 

Precious and unpredictable.

Blessed and absolutely beautiful.



Sara Marks said...

Love it, Alysun! Great new tag-line and great pictures!