27 May 2011

Senior Portraits | Monmouth, Oregon | Multiple Siblings Portraits

A friend of a friend recently contacted me about doing pictures of her children.

No problem, that's what I do!

She went on to explain that she has 7 children, wanted one nice portrait of each and some extras of her oldest son who is graduating this year. The photographer she hired in the past upped her prices and now charges $100 for each photo, plus the session fee!

I was so happy to be an affordable option for this great family.

I haven't worked with too many large families (more than 4 kids!), but every time I do, 

I have a fantastic time. 

Not only am I challenged to get individual portraits that are cohesive, 

but it is also fun to capture their individual personalities.

It seems like it should be harder, but really it isn't. 

There are extra helpers to guide the younger children. 

Everyone is used to (and expected) to work as a team. I love it!

All these photos were taken in my yard. Sessions at my house work out well because I know the lighting and backgrounds, there is space to play, my kids get to hang out too...

and I have motivation to weed my flowerbeds.

This talented young man serenaded with the guitar while I took photos.

He is excellent! Very talented.

Here is a sampling of the other children's portraits: 



Anonymous said...

It was so fun, and relaxing. Thanks again! see ya next spring!