20 June 2011

Newborn Photography | Falls City, Oregon

Meeting newborns is such a precious gift. 

I was honored when a friend asked me to take pictures of her new baby girl.

The last time I took pictures with this family was right after the birth of baby Ella who is now 16 months old
(click here to see pictures from her session).

Chronicling this stage amazing, beautiful, challenging, and blessed!

Isn't she just beautiful? Those chubby cheeks and sweet lips!

I thought a headband would really complete her look...

she didn't agree.

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We had quite the time getting her to a restful, deep sleep.

The in between stages are all cute, in my opinion. 

Scrunchy faces and restless movements make me smile 

(I wish you could hear the little squeaks and grunts)!

I wanted to quickly get shots of baby's big sisters to update their wall portraits. 

"Quick" is the operative word as I spent less than 5 minutes with each girl and they cooperated beautifully.

And they were off to play with my two girls who were in heaven in this sweet girl-land!