27 June 2011

Senior Portraits | Dallas, Oregon | Lifestyle Photography

I had a great time with Kaitlyn doing a Senior Portrait Session at the Dallas City Park last week.

We had to reschedule once because of rain and even the day we got together was rather cloudy.

Crazy enough, Kaitlyn's personality is sunny enough to brighten the darkest day! 

She is sensational!

She asked if she could bring a couple props and wanted to see what I could do with them.

I love personal props, they really add another dimension and personality to a photo.

Kaitlyn brought her bicycle and a giant frame that you'll see in just a bit. :)

The quilt is mine and it just happened that it looks like Kaitlyn's skirt was made from the SAME fabric. 

And here is the frame!

She uses it for a headboard in her room at home. Love that idea!

(And she got it for less than $2 -- a girl after my own heart).

We weren't expecting sun, but I knew the golden hour was coming, 
so I searched for an open area to catch some evening light.

There is a spot behind the Delbert Arboretum that is open and grassy. 
In most cases, I would think the young plantings were less than scenic, 
but captured at sunset with depth of field galor and I was in heaven.

Sweet shoes! 

The light was so enchanting. 

And Kaitlyn is charming and delightful.

 It was a perfect evening and I was so blessed to meet Kaitlyn. 

I made a new friend!



Sara said...

Lovely shots! And what fun props!

elena radu said...

Gorgeous pictures!

elena radu said...

Gorgeous pictures! Kaitlyn you look great girlie!