01 June 2011

School-Age Children's Portraits | Corvallis, Oregon | Birthday Photos

Jackson is 6!

We went to a fun location in Corvallis called Avery Park. 

A big train engine sits in the lawn that kids (and grown-ups) can climb on. 

6 year olds are so funny. Jokes were coming quick and as with other boys, the word "fart" gets a laugh every time.

Baby brother was there too and SO MUCH FUN!

These siblings interact with such hilarity and love.

It was a really bright day and I had trouble finding full shade. I finally found some at the back of this statue, but the boys had to sit on a sloped edge. They couldn't seem to get their bodies up there and stay there. Their mom, grandma, and me were in stitches as they performed one antic after another.

Another reason to take "portrait" out of my tagline and replace it with "lifestyle."

The above picture could be my favorite of all time. Live, laugh, love at its very best!

I know their mom was beginning to doubt if I could get a "posed" picture of the boys on the ledge (I was wondering too!). 

We did it. These boys are so great!

Embracing mid-day full sun!

Happy birthday to an awesome boy!

It was SO much fun taking these pictures.