09 September 2011

Senior Portraits | Monmouth Oregon | Lifestyle Photography

Juli is graduating and I think we are all trying to wrap our minds 

around the fact that the baby of the family is all grown up.

She made a beautiful flower girl at our wedding nearly 10 years ago

and now she is a beautiful young lady. Where does the time go?

Color or black and white? I couldn't decide. She looks lovely in both.

As my husband's youngest sibling, its been such a joy watching her grow into a 

kind and generous and enjoyable person. 

Sports star and babysitter extraordiner to 10 nieces and nephews.

This shoot was so much fun, with my sister-in-law Kelly helping Juli 

with hair, make-up, and styling.

Watch out Sports Illustrated, here we come.

We love you Juli and can't wait to see where this next year take you!



Sara said...

I hadn't seen the volleyball shots before - fun! :)