08 October 2011

Senior Portraits | Salem, Oregon

 This was a fun location with an awesome graduating Senior.

Her mom found me on an internet search, using Google images. 


 I am thankful they picked me and we had a great time!

Can you guess where we were? 

One location, all within walking distance.

This girl couldn't take a bad picture if she tried.

A stunning, natural beauty. 

Such a fun afternoon!

Thanks Google for introducing me to a great family. :)


PS 4 sessions this week/weekend, so stay tuned for frequent updates.

This is my busiest season as Seniors and families rush to get pictures done.

Also my favorite time of year as the colors change and weather cools.

My schedule is completely full, so if you haven't contacted me and scheduled a date, you are out of luck till after Christmas... unless you beg and/or bake me a pie. I have my price. :)