19 June 2012

Family Portraits | Lifestyle Photography | Monmouth, Oregon

I had the privilege of taking some pictures for a friend on Saturday. 

The weather was perfect and I've been itching to do a "real" session since taking a break after my baby was born. 

What better way to get back into the swing of things than with a friend, a very pregnant and understanding friend. 

The kids are so excited for their baby brother, due literally any day now.

Come on Seamus, we're all excited to meet you!

Stacy has shown such grace and beauty during her pregnancy.

She planned a home birth, but after an ultrasound found a heart abnormality in the baby, a big city hospital with all its specialists is the wise choice. I'm so impressed with her peace during what could have been an anxious, long pregnancy. (Read more about their experience at Seamus' Heart Journey).