I finished a few more images from the senior portrait session I did last week. Even though I am a complete perfectionist about my pictures, I usually only edit 8-10 from each session because I can't spend more time than I already do. Since I am just starting my business, the way I do things is a little unconventional -- okay, no other photographers work like this. I take a whole pile of pictures and then I weed through them when I get home on my completely wonderful 24" iMac. I delete the ones that are not so good and I pick some of my favorites and run them through some simple editing. I love that part so I have to do it. Then, I put all the pictures on a disc for my customer with the copy rights so they can print them where they choose. Usually I can have the pictures done in a few days.

This process works the best for me and I love every aspect of what I do. I need the creative outlet like a singer needs to sing or a writer needs to write. I find a great purpose in capturing beauty on film and the best part is that I can improve and grow as a photographer. I am completely excited to have 5 custom photography sessions scheduled for this month and next. Keep checking back as I will post the highlights.


Peters Family Farms said...

the first one is my favorite, you are so talented!

pennyf said...

You do such a great job! We already have the ones you've chosen blown up and framed :)