22 May 2010

children's portraits - Monmouth, Oregon

Jackson just turned 5! I took his pictures last year on a beautiful [and hot] May day. Check out last year's link here. The weather wasn't as nice, but Jackson is such a sweet child to photograph that it didn't matter. Since my business is relatively new, it is such fun having repeat customers. I'm loving that aspect of seeing people's families grow.

Can I have the job of taking Jackson's Senior Portraits in 12 years?

He is so handsome!

Of course little brother, Bryson got in on the act. This pair look like they get into a fair bit of trouble, but so cute while they are at it.

The location is south of Monmouth at my husband's family farm. If you want rustic country scenes, we've got it.

The image above is my favorite. Jackson is such a good sport and I really enjoyed taking his picture.

Happy Birthday Jackson! Can't wait to see you next year.