10 May 2010

Portraits of 3 year olds -- Monmouth, Oregon

A 3 year old leaves behind the trappings of toddlerhood and eagerly climbs into kid-hood. I love the expressions of a 3 year old. They are so smart and know exactly how to mess with you.

My nephew Nathaniel is a little character. He is hillarity + mischief + stubbornness rolled into one. Impossible to resist.

"That's right, Nano. I don't really want to see your smile. Nope. Not at all."

Nano will figure out soon enough that his auntie has her own bit of stubbornness. And a really, really fast camera. 

I caught his smile. A few laughs too.

On the same morning, my cousin was over with her son, Luke. Luke's birthday is one month after Nano's and they are both turning 3 years old.

Double trouble? Yep. I think so.

This sweet boy's blue eyes are amazing.

Luke is irresistible too. What a cutie!

Luke's mama is having a baby girl in less than 2 months. She's a beautiful pregnant lady. And Luke is going to be a good big brother.

I'm thankful for the opportunity to capture these 2 great boys. Okay, photoshoot over boys. Go explore the world!