10 July 2010

Senior Portrait Session, Monmouth, Oregon

My baby cousin is graduating highschool this coming year.

I remember like yesterday how fun it was to take care of Katie when she was a baby. As she grew, I enjoyed her silly and fun personality. Her family always lived in California and I visited them frequently with my grandparents. When I was in highschool, I worked in California at a Christian Conference Center during the summers where my aunt and uncle, Katie's parents, also worked. I enjoyed seeing Katie and her older sister, Lisa, as they changed from little girls to sweet young ladies. 

For the past few years, Lisa has been attending a college in this area I love having her close. She is my first choice for a babysitter for my kids -- my sister and I fight over her. I pray my own girls grow into kindhearted beauties like Lisa and Katie.

Katie moved with her parents to Ontario, Canada last year. The very idea was frightening as I thought I would never see them. But they came for a visit a year ago at Christmas, we met up for a family trip to Cancun in the Fall, and now Katie is working at a Bible Camp in Olympia. The same Bible camp that my parents happen to work at full time. :)

I was really excited that it would work out for me to visit Olympia to see Katie and also to take her Senior Portraits (or Grad Portraits as they call them in Canada).

My sister came along on the shoot and I called her the "stylist." A difficult job that involved holding the wardrobe changes and making Katie laugh if ever her smile became too fixed. Laughter was in ready supply. Thanks for your help, Sis.

The beautiful camp is full of great backdrops for photos. From evergreens, to the cabins, and the soft early evening light, I was in heaven. 

And the beach.... (Katie's a lifeguard)

For the picture above, my sister was doing a "peek-a-boo" routine behind my back. You can tell that we are used to trying to coax smiles out of reluctant babies and children. Katie was so compliant. :) I love the sparkle in her eyes.

It was the perfect location, the perfect subject, the perfect assistant. It was really so much fun.

Thanks for the good times, Katie. I hope you enjoy the pictures and have a blessed rest of the summer and your final year of highschool in the Fall. 

Love ya,