23 August 2010

Family Portraits | Portland, Oregon

I made a trip to Portland to take pictures for this gorgeous family:

Carrie is my second cousin and I got to meet her husband Mark for the first time (outside the blog world :) along with baby Millie.We went to the beautiful Rose Gardens in Washington Park. 

I haven't been to the rose gardens for years and it was a fun location, even though I was a bit worried because first we (my family and I) got stuck in traffic and then it started to rain.

No worries, the sprinkles stopped, the sun came out and I was privileged to take these images:

Baby Milly looks so much like her mommy, and I liked this image because she shows a resemblance to daddy as well.

Milly just started to crawl... and put things in her mouth. She tried to eat rose pedals during the whole session. So cute!

Her parents adore her. And is it any wonder? She's beautiful and charming.

Daddy was making her laugh. :)

It was my privilege to take pictures for Milly, Carrie and Mark. Darling family!