04 September 2010

1 year old portraits | Monmouth, Oregon

If you bring your darling precious child to my house, chances are I will imagine some way that I need to take pictures.

Such is the case with Landon. He is one week older than my son... they are buddies and are both turning 1 year old in about a month.

So tranquil and peaceful.....

Really bundles of boy energy, an infectious laugh, and a grin that will melt your heart.

Landon was walking at 10 months. He's on the go!

It's no wonder his mama has a hard time getting a picture of this sweet boy. He never sits still!

Be still my heart. He's listening to his mama sing a song. Baby boys have a way of making their mamas feel like the most special person in the whole world.

Sure glad Landon came over to play. He's a delight and I hope his mama has an impossible time picking an image for his birthday invites. :)

That's my goal.