01 March 2012

Wedding Day | Salem, Oregon | Wedding Photographer

 On Sunday I captured the moments of Diane and Kenny's wedding in Keizer.

Rain, sun, and everything in between came along for the ride,

but we were thankful the events went on without any weather related issues.

It was a lovely day!

We even went outside for some shots after the ceremony.

It was super cold (the ladies in their beautiful gowns were courageous!), but not raining too bad!

I love working with my second-shooter Jill because she captures something
special every time. This image is hers, the one above is mine from a different angle.

The few sprinkle were deflected by an umbrella and we

seized the setting sunlight for pictures of the happy couple.

The details were beautiful.

A privilege to be part of the first day of the rest of this special couple's life together.