13 July 2012

Deepwood Wedding | Salem Oregon | Wedding Photography

Such a beautiful wedding I was able to photograph at Deepwood Estates.

Copyright Alysun Peters
June 2011

I met this couple last year when I took their engagement pictures. I could tell immediately that their relationship was based on friendship, a deep admiration for eachother. I was very excited to do their wedding because I knew the event would be special... and it was!

The setting was phenomenal, the details just so thoughtful and pretty and the couple very much in love and excited.

The wedding....

Photo credit Jill VanWell

I worked again with my friend Jill as second photographer. She sees the details and the shots she captures are always amazing. 

Photo credits Jill VanWell

It was the most perfect day.



Karie said...

Thank you SO much, Alysun. You were wonderful to work with and the pictures turned out amazing! I can't wait to see the rest. Thanks again!

Jill said...

Ooh! The pictures are up! What a fun, beautiful and special day for the adorable couple. I love looking at your shots - it's fun to see everything from a different perspective! The one of them during the ceremony with you 'spying' through the greenery has such an ethereal feel - love it!

Anonymous said...

I'm Karie's mom. We had such a good experience with Alysun! She was so calm, and she had all the shots worked out so that the photography time was super efficient and timely.
And besides that...the photos turned out just gorgeous. He formal photos are lovely and the spontaneous ones are just delightful!
Alysun captured the essence of the day that Karie and Justin made.