24 September 2012

Infant Photographer | Monmouth, Oregon | Family Portraits

It hasn't been that long ago (3 months to be exact, click this link), 

that I was taking pictures of my pregnant friend.

At peace with the unknowns, 

she waited to have a baby boy that the experts said had a heart defect.

We prayed for God's healing power. That was our ideal. 

Still, the abnormality remained, but the baby boy was born healthy and strong, he was functioning perfectly.

He has grown without complications and it is now time for the surgery. 

Tomorrow (9/25) is the day and the family wanted some pictures to commemorate this time in their lives and the life of their littlest, Seamus.

He certainly joins a loving family.

I'm praying hard for Seamus, that he makes a quick and full recovery.

Praying also for his family, who is strong and inspiring already, that they'll continue to be strengthened as they trust in God.



Cooking with Big E said...

These are beautiful family photos, will definitely keep little Seamus and his family in my prayers in the next few days.